• Quality, reliability, availability

    Quality, reliability,

  • Errevi Industrial  Una nuova linea di prodotti a valore aggiunto

    Errevi Industrial
    A new line of value-added products

  • Arriviamo ovunque,  affinché tu arrivi ovunque

    We go everywhere,
    so that you can go everywhere

  • Il riferimento italiano  nel mondo dei ricambi

    The Italian reference
    in the world of spare parts

  • Una gamma di oltre 6000 componenti meccanici  per autocarri e rimorchi

    A range of over 6000 mechanical
    components for trucks and trailers

  • 50 anni di esperienza  nel mondo dei ricambi per veicoli industriali

    50 years of experience
    in the world of spare parts for industrial vehicles


Last news

    Errevi Approved. The mark of excellence.

    The experience gained in decades of direct production has allowed Errevi to create a guaranteed and reliable network of specialist suppliers, perfectly in tune with the principles to which it has adhered since day one in relation to quality, propriety of action and professional ethics. A dynamic network of suppliers, constantly vetted by Errevi to make sure they maintain the characteristics for which they were originally chosen, quality certifications included.

    Errevi pursues a daily commitment to ensuring its customers enjoy the highest level of quality, in particular as regards interchangeability, functionality and durability of all its spare parts, regardless of where they are produced.

    A constant commitment to supplying spare parts that are as close as possible to the specifications of the original, providing first class products to the aftermarket in all markets where Errevi operates.

    This is why Errevi has created "Errevi approved", an internal process of quality certification based on strict rules that have to be fully satisfied for the products to claim this mark of excellence.

    A new Era for spare parts

    Errevi Industrial

    “Errevi Industrial” is the new added value line offering the quality that has always distinguished Errevi.

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    ERREVI S.p.a.

    Registered office MONCALIERI (Turin) - 10024
    Via Curiel, 11 - ITALY
    Tel. +39 011 682.90.00 Fax. +39 011 682.90.92

    Share capital € 1.820.000 issued capital
    Company Register TO446462 - Turin Chamber of Commerce
    VAT 00527430011


    Errevi - Ricambi per veicoli industriali - Certificazione ISO 9001

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